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Q-Do you transfer or duplicate copyrighted TV programs, movies, etc..
A-Absolutely not. We strictly follow copyright laws. Any material containing TV shows, movies or audio CD's will not be transferred or duplicated by our company. Any  tapes, DVD's or CD's containing copyrighted materials will be returned to the owner at their own expense.

Q- Why should I transfer my DVD to HD-DVD and BLU-RAY DVD?
A- Standard DVDs are designed to be viewed on legacy TV sets that support 525 TV lines.  In order to view your standard DVDs on High definition TVs or Plasmas they must be upconverted to a format such as HD-DVD or BLU-RAY that supports 1080 TV lines.

Q- Why should I transfer my Analog tapes to DVD?
A- Analog tapes typically have 10-12 years Lifespan.  If the tape is not rewound at least once a year dropouts will accure and prevents ability to be watched by generation       

 Q- Do I need DVD Menu (Authoring) or Chapters are enough?
 A- DVD menu provides  easy navigation of certain content you want to watch. 15 minutes automatic chapters will not bring you to the begining of  the scene you want to view.
 Authoring is done as the last step before creating your finished DVD.  It creates an interactive and colorful  menu which allows you to select  different scenes from your DVD.  This feature is not available with analog tapes

Q-There are many duplication companies in the market.   Why should I choose yours? 
A-We have extensive broadcast knowledge and many years of experience.   Our studio has been  outfitted with the best equipment in order to provide our customers with truly professional service and satisfaction. From duplicators to recording decks, from printers to professional monitors our equipment has been selected with professionalism in mind. 

Q- Why is very important to use high quality equipment when converting tapes from NTSC to PAL system or vice versa?
 A- This process is far more complex than putting 2 VCRs together and converting from one system to another.  As a brief explanation, it is a process to convert 525 TV lines to 625 European TV lines.  If the proper equipment is not used when converting the video, motion artifacts may occur, brightness and color temperature  will change and  as a result the colors will shift.  We use the same high end converters as in some major TV stations  which helps to eliminate the above problems. Our genlock capability converters allow us to adjust vertical and horizontal parameters, and the time base corrector (TBC) will correct time base errors which normally occurs when transferring analog signals to digital format